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Vietnam White MarbleVietnam White MarbleVietnam White MarbleVietnam White MarbleVietnam White Marble

Vietnam White Marble

Vietnam White Marble

US$ 100 - 99 /Unit

Minimum Order 500 Units

Place of Origin Vietnam

Lastest Update Aug 25 2021

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Product Details

Product Vietnam White Marble

Catagory Quarry Stone & Slabs » Onyx  Marble

Price Rate USD 100 - 99 /Unit

Minimum Order 500 Units

Supply Ability 7450 Units/ Month

Brand Vietnam White Marble

Model Vietnam White Marble

Packaging n/a

Place of Origin Vietnam

Port Karachi

Delivery Time 30 Day

Delivery Detail Other

Price Term FOB Ex-Works Other

Payment Term T/T

Lastest Update Aug 25 2021

Posted Date Oct 05 2020

Vietnam White Marble

Vietnam White Marble

Slab and Tiles

2cm thickness

for more details please contact 0321-2437362

Hanam Industries Karachi Pakistan

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white marble noted for their purity and pure white colors. If you are planning to install Vietnam white marble in your home then you must be aware of certain facts related to this kind of marble. First and foremost such marbles can be further categorized under several types including the Vietnam Crystal Pure White Marble Blocks implying you can go in for any sizes as per your preference. You can order this type of marble straightway from Vietnam.There are several suppliers in the market from whom you can get the best deal on the same. However you must be aware that with so many shops round the corner often choosing a good shop turns out to be a cumbersome job. In that case you on your part need to conduct a thorough research and find out a genuine shop of your preference offering a range of choices at the most reasonable rates. You can seek assistance from your friends and family in order to find the right dealer. White Marble White Marble Pakistan Vietnam Marble Vietnam marble Pakistan Vietnam white marble Pakistan Vietnam white marble Karachi white marble Karachi marble Pakistan marble Karachi Vietnam marble blocks white marble blocks Vietnam white marble slabs Vietnam marble slabs marble importer Pakistan white marble importer white marble exporter marble importer marble exporter Pakistan onyx Pakistan onyx marble imported white marble granite Pakistangranite slabsgranite importer Pakistan Pakistan granite onyx slabs onyx tiles  Marble is a kind of metaphoric limestone which comes in various unique colors and patterns. When used in flooring marble ensures to add galore to the overall decoration of the house. Pure white marble is made from pure limestone. The characteristic hues and swirls of several colored marble kinds are generally caused due to various impurities like sand clay silt chert iron oxides or sand which were initially present as layers or grains in the limestone. The marble gets a green coloration primarily due to the serpentine resulting from dolostone or magnesium limestone. Vietnam white marble you can also choose crystal white marble for your home. This kind of marble works best for your kitchen and bathroom. You can either choose crystal white marble blocks or stone tiles to serve your needs. However it would be unwise on your part to stick to the very first shop that comes your way. Rather we suggest you to check different shops find out their price quotes and then choose one that best serves your need and budget. another choice for those interested in giving their home a unique touch. They impart a superb essence to the overall ambience of your home. No matter what furniture you choose for your house it will go extremely well with this type of marble. Last but not the least; the cloudy white marble also makes a great choice for those looking for appropriate flooring choices for their homes. Now with so many options available before you make sure you choose the one that best suits your need and budget. Before you choose the marble you must analyze your requirements. Doing so will help you to select the right marble for the right need. There is no dearth in the number of marble suppliers in Vietnam. After all you would want the marble flooring to be appealing. That's why consider all the important points that makes it easier to choose the right marble.


Vietnam White Marble Vietnam White Marble Vietnam White Marble Vietnam White Marble Vietnam White Marble
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