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Scented candle with natural Lime essential oilsScented candle with natural Lime essential oils

Scented Candle With Natural Lime Essential Oils

Scented Candle Made From Organic Soy Wax Mixed With Natural Lime Essential Oils

US$ 6.00 - 10.0 /Set

Minimum Order 100 Sets

Place of Origin Thailand

Lastest Update Feb 11 2021

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Product Scented candle made from Organic soy wax Mixed with natural Lime essential oils

Catagory Home Decor » Scented Candle

Price Rate USD 6.00 - 10.0 /Set

Minimum Order 100 Sets

Supply Ability 1500 Sets/ Month

Brand RTBGreens

Model n/a

Packaging Bottle

Place of Origin Thailand

Port Day

Delivery Time 7 Day

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Lastest Update Feb 11 2021

Posted Date Feb 11 2021

Scented candle with natural Lime essential oils

Scented candles made from organic soy wax Mixed with natural essential oils Of Thai herbal scent And herbs from abroad Helps in aromatherapy long-lasting fragrance even without the point packaging can be recycled all reduce waste save the world "We make from 100% Essential Oil". Warm wax candles can be used for a spa massage. According to the properties of each type of essential oil

Essential oil smell

Ylang Ylang Essentail Oil.
Aromatherapy Helps to work more concentrated or to sleep better. Reduces stress and relieves women's mood swings before menstruation. Help relieve tension Relieve symptoms of depression Relieve insomnia from stress reduce anger relieve shock or fear reduce the feeling of anxious.

Green lemon scent Lime Essential Oil.
Lime essential oil Extracted from the skin of lemon It is a healthy citrus plant. Essential oils have a strong scent that makes them feel fresh. Have clear brain power Relieve fatigue Fatigue and stimulates the functions of various parts of the body It can be distributed in the air to purify the air. Eliminate various odors and kill germs Inhaling line essential oils can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Use wax wax to improve oily skin and heal cellulite well.

Fragrance of Vanilla Vanilla Essentail Oil.
Vanilla has a sweet scent which appeals to both men and women. Has sensual warm calming and soothing properties. Inhaling deeply and slowly you will feel a calming and calming scent replaces negative emotions. Such as an angry mood or disappointment

Sweet Basil Essentail Oil.
Thyme essential oil smells fresh and moist. Has the ability to restore the mind. Make it fresh moist and lively Inhaling essential oils Help to relieve fatigue. It helps to reduce stress and increase concentration kill germs use candle wax to reduce irritation swelling itching or burning pain caused by insect bites. Reduce swelling and inflammation Help blood circulation Reduce uric acid in the blood. Relax the muscles

Lemongrass home scent Lemongrass Essential Oil.
Lemongrass essential oil Has a fresh scent. It can be scattered in the air to help freshen the air. Reduces stress restlessness pain improves blood circulation and JETLAG symptoms. From long-distance travel or with someone who is in the recovery period Has a method to kill bacteria and fungi Deodorize the room and repel insects well suitable for oily skin. Reduce acne symptoms

Scent Spike Lavender Essential Oil.
Spike lavender smells like lavender. But has a stronger nose kick than other types of lavender And smell a little wood Due to the higher content of Camphar in aromatherapy. Has properties to help maintain nervous balance Treat burns Pain relief Cure depression relieve stress relieve migraine Has a pleasant scent that makes you feel calm and relaxed Including helping to maintain the skin's moisture balance Reduce the symptoms of dry skin.

Tangerine scent Tangerine Essential Oil.
Tangerine essential oil It is a clear yellow oil with a fresh lively clean scent giving you a cheerful feeling and enhancing efficiency. Relieve stress and insomnia. Spread the aroma in the children's room well.

Thai bergamot scent Kaffir Lime Essential Oil.
Essential oil distilled from the skin of Thai kaffir lime. Looks clear with a light yellow color Unique fresh scent It has many medicinal properties. Help heal pain Irritations and various dermatitis well. Aromatherapy helps the mind to calm relax help sleep Diffuse essential oils in the air to help keep the air fresh. Prevent respiratory infections.
Mixed scent Relax Essential oil blend.
Essential Oils: Lavender Bergamot Orange Eucalyptus.
Aromatic Description: Floral Citrus with a touch of sharpness.
Relax Blend Oil is one of the original recipes. Selecting the scent that aromatherapy properties from various scents The perfect blend of lavender and the clean scent of pine cypress and eucalyptus. We use the best grades of bergamot and oranges in our recipe. You can feel the scent that gives you a feeling of release relaxation reducing anxiety stress and feeling positive. And smells of orange tones fresh and clean slightly attached to the tip a formula that can be used during the day Or mix massage oil in the spa or use it to nourish the skin well with the elderly Or those in a state of rehabilitation.

Scented candle with natural Lime essential oils Scented candle with natural Lime essential oils
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