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Epoxy Primer EP-447

Epoxy Primer EP-447

Epoxy Primer

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Product Epoxy Primer

Catagory Auto Parts & Accessories » Paint

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Minimum Order 12 Sets

Supply Ability 1000 Sets/ Month

Brand DPro

Model EP447

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Lastest Update Jul 23 2020

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Epoxy Primer EP-447


Epoxy primer EP-447 is 2 component epoxy base paint. It can adhere on various substrate such as steel galvanized steel stainless steel aluminium etc. It has superior anti-corrision property. This product is certified by Thailand Industrial Standard (TIS)

Surface Preparation

- Sandblast follow SSPC-SA2.5 Standard
- Remove rust with power tool follow SSPC-ST3 Standard
- Degreasing and cleaning surface with suitable chemicle


- Mixing Ratio by volume
       EP-447 Epoxy Primer   A = 100 Part
       EP-44H EP Hardener   B = 25   Part
       Thinner                         C = 25   Part
- Application Viscosity 16-18 Sec.NK2
- Spray 1-2 coat with DFT 40-80 microns


- Color                      : Grey
- Specific Gravity     : 1.59±0.1
- Solid by Vol (A+B) : 43.8±1.0%


- Flamable liquid and vapor. Keep cool.
- For MSDS and more information : Epoxy Primer
- ต้องการเอกสาร MSDS หรือข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม : สีรองพื้นอิพ็อกซี่

Epoxy Primer EP-447
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